“If you’re going to be a bear, be a Grizzly.”

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The main aim of Grizzly Wears Outdoor Clothing is to sell eco friendly, sustainable clothing made from natural fibres for active people to use in all situations. Sustainability and Impact on the Environment are factors close to our hearts and drive the development and sourcing of products, we may not be perfect yet but every change and decision is a step in the right direction. Whilst finalising the designs for our underwear, we are going to launch a range of other clothing to help fund this venture to higher levels. This will include, T-shirts, hats, hoodies with our own branding and designs and we hope to launch a few limited run products in collaboration with other local businesses.

Being a life long adventurist I am confident that other similarly minded individuals will love these products. Hopefully people will come to depend on this range of clothing for anything from daily wear to big expeditions across the world.

Please Bear with me and support Grizzly Wears whilst we develop our products. All purchases are deeply appreciated and I will ensure all products are good quality and as a customer you will be extremely satisfied with everything purchased.

Find out more about our range of Outdoor Clothing or buy online Grizzly Wears Clothing Store for new products and special offers.

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Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is a sustainable, rapidly growing source of good quality, soft fabric. It has antibacterial properties which make it superior to traditional fabrics. Once harvested the bamboo does not need to be replanted, it regrows from the roots. In conclusion it is stronger, softer, lighter and more stretchy than cotton and if you like lists:

  • Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet
  • Absorbs more carbon dioxide than equivalent mass of trees
  • Can reach maturity in 1 to 5 years (trees can take 40)
  • It will continue to grow after harvest
  • Needs no chemicals, pesticides or fertiliser
  • Higher tensile strength than steel !
  • Every part of Bamboo is usable so it is a zero waste product
  • Contains a natural anti-bacterial bio agent
  • Bamboo is deodorising
  • Fabric is breathable and absorbant
  • Bamboo fibre cools when its hot and stays warm when its cool
  • Helps to prevent soil erosion

Here is a link to the Wikipedia page about Sustainable Fashion for further information or read about how its used in our Sustainable Bamboo Boxer Shorts

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As a company, Grizzly Wears Clothing regards responsible manufacture and supply as a top priority. Sourcing manufacturers who strive to meet high standards and gain accreditations is one way we can contribute to improving the industry.

Grizzly Wears Clothing will always source as responsibly as possible. We want to build a brand underpinned by quality whilst maintaining high ethical standards. If we are unable to source certain products carrying accreditations then these items will not enter our clothing range. Our packaging will only ever be recyclable or compostable to reduce our impact on the environment. We are proud to be able to display the WRAP logo on some of our products and hope to be able to show support for further global standards.

Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production

Please take time to visit the website for Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production to see the positive impact created.


Giving back to the community is at the heart of this business. We are always open to collaborating with other businesses and charities. If you would like to work with us please don’t hesitate to drop an email to bear@grizzlywears.com

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Superior underwear!

Our underwear is designed to reduce discomfort caused by bad seam placement, labels, choice of fabrics. You really can wear them all day with no issues whether you’re having a hard day in the office to riding a bike or on a big adventure a pair of Grizzly Wears will support you whatever you are doing ! Find out more about our Mens Bamboo Boxer Shorts

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