Sustainable Outdoor Clothing from GrizzlyWears

Active outdoor lifestyles require lots of adventure clothing and equipment, meaning they can have a big impact.

The main aim of Grizzly Wears Outdoor Clothing is to sell eco friendly, sustainable clothing made from natural fibres for active people to use in all situations. Sustainability and Impact on the Environment are factors close to our hearts and drive the development and sourcing of products, we may not be perfect yet but every change and decision is a step in the right direction. We have launched a range including outdoor T-shirts, boxers, hoodies with much more to come with our own branding and designs and we hope to launch a few limited run products in collaboration with other local businesses.

Activewear and T-Shirts

Grizzly Wears full range of recycled sports T-shirts, crop-shirts and hoodies have been designed to be comfortable and durable for everyday use whatever activity you are doing. Super high breathability makes these a go to choice for most activities. Anything from the gym, to running or a day out on an adventure in the wilds. This is the essential performance wear you need for an active lifestyle.

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Mens Sustainable Bamboo T-Shirts From Grizzly Wears
Mens Bamboo Boxers Shorts From Grizzly Wears

Mens Boxer Shorts

Made from high quality bamboo fabric and stitched in a way that prevents chafing making them perfect for outdoors, running, hiking, cycling or biking. Grizzly Wears Men’s Boxer Shorts are premium quality, super soft and keep you supported all day. To add an extra element of comfort we have removed the labels but printed the washing instructions inside so you don’t lose them.

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Outdoor Wool Hats & Accessories

Handmade merino wool hats are long lasting and naturally thermal regulating and guaranteed to keep your head at the right temperature when you face cold British weather.

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Activewear by Grizzly Wears

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Sustainable Clothing For Being Active

If you lead an active lifestyle you can rely on the benefits of sustainable and bamboo outdoor clothing for multiple applications including:

Expertise & Inspiration

Take a look at our blog and guides on everything outdoor and active, whether you are experienced or just starting out and looking for support.

Outdoor & Bamboo Clothing FAQ’s

Everything you need to know about our range of outdoor clothing and fabrics

Is Bamboo Better Than Cotton?

We believe Bamboo holds many advantages over cotton. Grizzly Wears Boxer Shorts utilise Bamboo as it has a greater number of advantages in this application. Growing Bamboo as a crop is unquestionably more sustainable and eco-friendly than cotton.
Cotton does also have its place in products, it is sustainable and for some items of clothing does have more desirable qualities. Grizzly Wears will use cotton and bamboo as they are both good. Both are sustainable. We find applications for each of these materials. Both are also easy to source responsibly. In Conclusion I can not pick a clear winner. For sports I choose Bamboo. For the pub I choose Cotton !

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