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We developed our range of boxer shorts to be as good as it gets. Using the very best, sustainably sourced bamboo in these boxer shorts combined with a design for pure comfort.

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Grizzly Wears boxer shorts are engineered with ultimate comfort and performance. Firstly and with careful consideration given to each individual element of design we are sure you will love our products. Secondly we select only Materials and Manufacturers conforming strictly to highest standards. Lastly, multiple stages of our supply chain have quality checks embedded to ensure the product you receive is perfect.

We package your package responsibly !

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not what you want in boxer shorts

Anti-Roll n’ Grind

Anti-Roll n’ Grind Technology prevents the worst possible dysfunction of boxer shorts that we have named “Roll n’ Grind”.

Roll n’ Grind commonly occurs in extremes of temperate when either one or both legs of your boxer shorts become soaked with sweat. As you move the legs roll up into an uncomfortable shape. This chunk of fabric settles in a location and begins to grind away at whatever is in its path.

Grizzly Wears boxer shorts prevent this by having a double stitched panel to remove seams from places they cause extra damage and give added rigidity and resistance to roll through the vulnerable part of the legs. With seams placed to move with your body the nightmare is over.

Combined with wicking and drying properties of the bamboo fabric we have overcome Roll n’ Grind in most cases.

Contains Natural Products

Bamboo is the main ingredient of Grizzly Wears boxer shorts.

Natural features of Bamboo make it incredibly good for boxer shorts and we didn’t even have to invent it !

Softness, Elasticity, Strength, Anti Bacterial/Microbial qualities all contribute to features you need in long lasting high performance clothing. Utilising bamboo gives us an end product that performs better than traditional fabrics and reduces impact on the environment. Boxers that move naturally with you.

what you want in boxer shorts !
Thermal Regulating Boxer Shorts

Thermal Regulating

Grizzly Wears boxers are thermal regulating – another great feature of bamboo !

Bamboo helps to reflect heat back into your body when you are cold but when you get hot the extremely fast wicking properties take over and remove excess heat. This helps you stay at the correct temperature year round and remain comfortable whatever activity you are doing.

Our boxers really are a 4 season product.

Sustainably sourced

At the Heart of Grizzly Wears is long term sustainability.

Utilising bamboo give advantages over alternative man made fabrics but it is also a super powered plant that simply regrows, consumes more CO2 than equivalent plantation of trees, helps prevent soil erosion, needs no fertiliser or pesticides and consumes very little water through its rapid growth cycle.

Most importantly our Bamboo fabric meets this highest level of OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification. Passing this down to you at a consumer level means you can be assured you are buying responsibly sourced products and doing your part for the future. Be a part of the solution.

Ethically Paid Worker
Sustainable Factory

Ethically Manufactured

Grizzly Wears boxers come from a highly accredited manufacturer who upholds high standards. We would not have this any other way.

We believe paying a fair wage and good working conditions are something everybody who contributes to our end product deserves. As a brand we stand up to unfair treatment of workers and go to great lengths in selecting who becomes part of the Grizzly Wears Clothing products.

A globally accredited manufacturer provides us with a top quality product in this instance. We encourage all of our customers to look for brands and manufacturers who give the same commitment to Ethical treatment of workers. Without this workforce supporting us we would not be able to provide the high quality products we do.

The Manufacturer of our boxers complies with amfori BSCI, This ensures high standards are met across the following areas:

  • Working hours and fair compensation
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Child labour and protections for younger workers
  • Forced/bonded labour and precarious employment
  • Freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • Ethical business behaviour
  • Discrimination
  • Environmental protection

Responsibly Packaged

You will only find Grizzly Wears boxers inside of recyclable, compostable packaging. All of our packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable to reduce our impact on the environment. By using minimal packaging we also reduce our postage costs so much we can pass on free postage to customers in the UK and cheaper rates for customers further away.

Most importantly, in the event some of our packaging does escape into the wild, it contains a bio additive in order to break it down faster and prevent it from being a nuisance.

Lastly, none of our retail packaging will contain unrecyclable plastics and any tags used for retail will not use small plastic items that could harm wildlife or sea life.

Boxer Shorts with Recyclable Packaging


In conclusion we make a better product through better selection and process. Following on from our strict selection criteria, we are left with a great design, responsibly manufactured to a high standard from sustainable materials.

Firstly leading the way in high quality, responsibly sourced clothing is not easy. Secondly we try our best to take this challenge on ourselves. This means as a customer of ours you are helping to fund a more sustainable future and you should not have to pay the price for this. Lastly, but not least, sustainability is something you can choose at a consumer level.

Finally, join Grizzly Wears in moving forwards to a more sustainable, more responsible future without sacrificing comfort and quality that you have grown to love and depend upon.

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