OnePlus 10 Pro Review

This is my opinion on the OnePlus 10 Pro as a real person. I am not being endorsed and I am also not a professional tech reviewer. Just an average user giving an honest OnePlus 10 Pro Review.

After eagerly awaiting the release of the OnePlus 10 Pro to find it was only available in “disgusting green” when going for the 12gb version. I was a little disappointed. So I opted for the beautiful matt black 8gb version. Having pre-ordered the phone I also got the OnePlus Buds Pro.

Unboxing & First Impressions

Firstly, everything arrived well packed and safe. Packaging was not excessive. The phone and buds were each packed in high quality, premium feeling boxes. There were some instructions which I ignored and got the phone out to play with. The OnePlus 10 Pro feels weighty and of good quality but not heavy. It is certainly thinner and lighter than my long lasting Razer Phone 2. This is impressive since a larger battery has been packed inside.

Inside the box with the phone is a charger and type C cable. I was surprised to discover a case too although I also purchased the Sandstone Bumper case. One more is always useful. There is a plastic screen protector already fitted to the phone (or maybe just plastic I am supposed to remove).

Not being much of a headphone user I thought I would sell the Buds Pro but after checking the price decided to keep them. I’m glad I did because the sound quality is amazing.

The screen on the OnePlus 10 Pro immediately made my Razer phones screen feel like a step back in time and although both phones pack 8gb ram, the OnePlus feels much more responsive. That being said my Razer has been well used for a long time and I certainly don’t feel it has been a let down.

OnePlus 10 Pro Review - Test Photo of Dog.
The Dog Test Photo

Day One

I made the decision to write down a few thoughts and Impressions at periodic moments. This is partly to show if my opinion changes over time. Currently I have not owned the phone for 24 hours. The Things I like so far are; easy to set up, feels good, camera is a definite upgrade, can go to the kettle and back on a morning and still be on 100% battery, not 90%.

Oxygen OS definitely feels very smooth and responsive. I like this. Waiting for apps to respond is something I find annoying. I like having a flavour of android that is closer to vanilla and doesn’t have bloatware.

The display is good, and so is the audio. There is no reason you can’t take this phone on holiday and watch movies on it. The Buds Pro also add to the experience with good quality sound and noise cancelling. The phone charges very fast and the wireless charger appears to be right in the middle too, I haven’t got the official wireless charger however I am thinking I will upgrade.

I am yet to go give the camera a proper testing but initially happy with a few test photos of the dog. Really like all the settings and versatility it provides in the “pro” setting and that super wide angle is something I will probably use a lot! There may even be some star lapses attempted to see how this stacks up against the mighty GoPro.

Is the OnePlus 10 Pro any good ?

For me, Yes. When upgrading from an aging phone that I held on to for a long time because I loved it I can see the advances. I didn’t shop around too much, the OnePlus 10 Pro just appealed as I like all the features. I am a little disappointed that the 12gb version only came in a colour I can’t stand but I am not disappointed with the 8gb option. It is early days but so far so good.

In addition to this review I have decided to do a Long Term Review. Check out whether I have/will change my mind as time goes on. Can the OnePlus 10 Pro keep up with my lifestyle ?

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