Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is Postage ?

Postage to the UK is free because we are based in the UK. Currently we charge a flat rate to the rest of the world depending upon your region.

We do our best to keep postage costs low by using minimal, eco-friendly packaging.

Do you have a Privacy Policy ?

Yes, here is our Privacy Policy

Do you have a Returns Policy ?

Our returns policy is currently being worked on and will be published soon.

What Packaging do you use ?

Our current packaging is a biodegradable Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE). This can be recycled once used or composted in approximately 6 months and will completely degrade in 2-5 years. This range of packaging contains a bio-additive to help rapidly break it down and carries clear markings for consumers to be aware of what to do.

Retail packaging is also biodegradable. Retail labelling uses string and metal safety pins with cardboard tags carrying labels which are 80% recycled.

How does Grizzly Wears reduce environmental impact ?

Every stage of business we seek to reduce environmental impact as much as we can. Our retail packaging is compostable and minimal, labels are recycled, recyclable and contain no plastic. We even search for eco friendly mannequins above traditional fibreglass units.

Grizzly Wears Clothing runs a lean operation. We cut out waste in every process and select the responsible option as much as possible. Starting at our initial design phase we look for eco friendly materials. Secondly we source responsible manufacturers. Lastly we reduce our own waste in delivery of our products.

Moving forwards as Grizzly Wears expands into the future we will invest in renewable energy for our warehouses and premises to operate.

Holding great respect for work done to improve the level of responsibility taken by businesses we are already working with third parties to gain highest levels of accreditation. Currently we use the assessments as operating guidelines and hope to gain compliance in the near future.

Are Grizzly Wears products Vegan Friendly ?

Grizzly Wears products are mostly Vegan Friendly. For applicable products we will highlight this in each individual product in the shop. Pushing for sustainability often means our products are Vegan Friendly as a side effect, although we will use responsibly sourced wool over acrylic. Leading nicely into the next question…

Why does Grizzly Wears prefer wool too Acrylic ?

Acrylic is a man made fibre created from fossil fuels. We see fossil fuels become a part of history in the near future. Importantly Acrylic fibre is generally not recyclable and consumes a lot of energy to produce. Given that Acrylic takes around 200 years to decompose and releases toxic chemicals as it does we try to avoid it where possible.

On the other side Wool is sustainable, as long as there are sheep they will need haircuts and we will have wool. Wool can be composted and breaks down. Also, wool does not leave any harmful materials behind being 100% biodegradable. Wool can be broken down in only 3 to 4 months ! Additionally wool is part of its own sustainable eco system. Wool breaks down into the soil, grass grows from nutrients in the soil, sheep eat grass, sheep grow wool.

Wool is a higher performing fabric than Acrylic in terms of insulating. Acrylic is flammable where wool is not. Wool is mush more breathable and wicking. Grizzly Wears Clothing will always choose natural over synthetic.

Is Bamboo better than cotton ?

We believe Bamboo holds many advantages over cotton. Grizzly Wears Boxer Shorts utilise Bamboo as it has a greater number of advantages in this application. Growing Bamboo as a crop is unquestionably more sustainable and eco-friendly than cotton.

Cotton does also have its place in products, it is sustainable and for some items of clothing does have more desirable qualities. Grizzly Wears will use cotton and bamboo as they are both good. Both are sustainable. We find applications for each of these materials. Both are also easy to source responsibly.

In Conclusion I can not pick a clear winner. For sports I choose Bamboo. For the pub I choose Cotton !

Why do you do this ?

As an adventurist myself I spent years using high performance clothing. I gave little regard to how clothing was produced before realising the clothing I wore was a contributor to the environment I love disappearing.

Realising the problem, I have set about on a mission to supply clothing that is not detrimental to the future of the activities it was intended for use in. The solution is simple. More multi functional long lasting clothing produced responsibly and sustainably. Grizzly Wears was set up to support people doing what they enjoy and ensure everything is here for the next generations to continue enjoying.

Grizzly Wears Clothing aims to preserve the outdoors by promoting sustainable clothing. Starting as responsibly as we can, expanding the range and sourcing more responsibly is the goal.

Why don’t you have a larger range of products ?

Grizzly Wears selects only manufacturers and products that are sustainable and responsibly sourced. If we are not sure of a product we will not supply it. We are working very hard to bring a larger range of goods and this will come in time.

Spending a lot of time and effort in sourcing products and manufacturers is something we do. Anything that does not meet our standards will not carry the Grizzly Wears name. Please bear with us, support us on this journey and we will keep doing what we do.

Why are you out of stock ?

Firstly as a small operation a huge inventory or warehouse is not something we have. Secondly we do not buy more than we know will sell, sometimes we will order more of a product in a size we know will sell quickly. Work is carried out to forecast sizes more efficiently allowing us to give a greater range and consistent stock moving forwards.

Lastly some of our products do have a long lead time due to global supply chains and demand. We try to source small batches locally to combat this. If products are still visible in our shop we do plan to restock them. In effort to avoid waste some sizes/colours may be unavailable.

How can you support my local club/group ?

Get in touch to find out how Grizzly Wears Clothing can support your local club. We are always open to negotiating with any local clubs/groups/teams and helping where we can.

I would like to sell Grizzly Wears Clothing in my shop…

Grizzly Wears Clothing is available for small retailers. Furthermore we avoid selling to large retailers and chains. Since we aim to provide advantages for our retailers, restrictions will apply based on location e.g. If a customer sees our products in your shop they will not see the same products in the shop next door. Therefore we currently avoid distributors and you can only get our products direct.

Have you ever been asked any of these Frequently Asked Questions ?

No. I made up all the Frequently Asked Questions in anticipation. If you do have a question feel free to drop me an email It may even get added to the list or included in a video !

I’m not convinced many Frequently Asked Questions pages are based on real questions… Although someone may correct me…