Why we choose Bamboo for Boxer Shorts

Bamboo is a fantastic fabric. It has many great properties that make it excellent for the right applications. Furthermore there are great reasons why using Bamboo over other fabrics can help the planet too. Here are the reasons we choose Bamboo for Boxer Shorts.

A Superior Product

Firstly, bamboo is a very premium fabric. We believe it is worth the cost for a long lasting, hard wearing, good feeling product. By choosing bamboo the main features we inherit from the fabric are:

  • Extremely soft.
  • Incredibly strong.
  • Odour Resistant.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Renewably sourced material.

In summary this means Grizzly Wears boxer shorts have a higher tensile strength than steel but remain softer than silk. This is an important factor for comfort, especially during sports because the boxer shorts reduce friction and eliminate chafing. Being naturally odour resistant and easy to wash means they can be washed with less water and energy than other materials. Essentially, this all adds up and makes a difference over the long lifetime of the boxers.

Choose Bamboo for Boxer Shorts - Contains Natural Products


Although Bamboo is not a perfect material to produce and does have negative effects, I strongly believe the positive impacts of using bamboo in fashion outweighs the negative effects. As much as fabrics claim to be “eco friendly” or we assume that they are, All seem to have downsides. Rather than overlook these effects, I prefer to raise awareness around them and make a judgement over whether the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Being honest and upfront about problems means we are aware of them and can tackle them. Ignoring problems definitely does not make them go away. In previous posts I have written about sustainable balance and possible negative effects of using too much bamboo. This is something we should be aware of with every fabric.

Secondly, being a natural fibre, bamboo can break down in landfill over time. As a long lasting product, they also help to reduce environmental impact as they do not require replacing as often. However when we look at the advantages of growing bamboo there are even more great benefits.

  • No Fertilizer or Pesticdes necessary.
  • Little requirement for water.
  • No need to replant after harvesting.
  • Helps to stop soil erosion
  • Consumes more CO2 per acre than trees.
  • Very fast growing.
  • Reduces Greenhouse gasses.

In my opinion, this means bamboo is a fantastic resource in the battle against climate change. As I have said before, it is all about balance. By using bamboo for things which it is good at, we can create better products which go towards helping the planet.

why we choose Bamboo for Boxer Shorts - Bamboo Forest

To summarise why we choose Bamboo for Boxer Shorts

Keeping this fairly short and not too long, we definitely make a better product. In the process we help the planet. There will always be two sides to every story. Google has a great way of presenting both sides of an argument if you search for the correct terms. I try my best to look at both sides with a balanced view and create a product range that follows.

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