Transit Custom Camper Van

An Exciting new chapter in the Grizzly Wears story starts with the addition of a Ford Transit Custom. This will grow over time, I will add guides and reviews. In addition I am going to explain this simple, probably unconventional conversion. Stay up to date and follow the journey to see a standard van turn into the Grizzly Wears Transit Custom Camper Van !

Like many businesses we rely on vans for transport of goods. This is probably where the similarity ends. Not only does this van need to be able to carry large loads for exhibitions but it also needs to be off grid capable for a few days, comfortable enough to live and work from for possibly weeks. This van will take us on many short adventures around the country. Importantly it will carry everything we need for shows, exhibitions, markets. It has to do a lot of things well. Traditionally the problem with camper vans is they have no space for carrying goods and it is also hard to get bikes inside. This means that everything must be removable which also means it can not officially be registered as a camper.

A Man with a Van and a Plan

Firstly, I can’t go down the traditional kitchen plus rock ‘n roll bed route. I also don’t think this is the best set up for me. I won’t be adding windows or removing the bulkhead. Both of these mean I would need curtains and from previous experience curtains aren’t the best idea in a van full of muddy bikes. This van is going to be bear necessities and some parts will be from my old van. (Yes – I have done this before). I will try to capture everything I do and make videos for YouTube so you can follow if you want to do similar. Or just decide my way is wrong. Either way, every camper conversion seems to follow a certain set of rules and come up with the same solution. I guarantee this will be very different. The Transit Custom camper van plan is:

  • Wrap with awesome Grizzly Wears Graphics.
  • Leisure battery and inverter.
  • Split charging.
  • Install mains electric with changeover relay.
  • Interior Lighting.
  • Facelift the cabin.
  • Insulation.
  • Carpet and Lino.

In comparison to most conversions this is a very short list leading to a very versatile vehicle. Importantly this van has to remain capable of transporting gear. It is going to work for a living. Furthermore it needs to take 3 bikes and people on adventures. Likewise there is a need to live and work from the van. This van will be uniquely converted to do all of these things. Equally Important, this conversion has to be cost effective and I will be doing all the work myself.

Lastly, like most campers, I will need to cook in the van. Having a fixed kitchen is not an option. Therefore I will also have to get creative and add some extra storage as the project unfolds.

Day 1 of Van Life…

Today I collected my van. This is the start of some great adventures and the Transit Custom Camper Van project.

The main reason for me choosing a Ford over a VW is the cost and size. VW Transporters are smaller and the extra size whilst retaining the ability to fit in a parking space is important. I have driven many vans and Ford Transit’s always seem to drive better, coupled with the amazing number of storage spaces and cup holders just make this the best in my opinion. The Transit Custom steps up a level with a nice interior. In addition, cost of parts and servicing is much cheaper. I fully get the VW scene but you won’t change my mind. Furthermore, with the current price of vans being very high and VW’s demanding a premium, the Ford is even better value for money currently.

First Impressions

I like this van. The handling is good, there doesn’t seem to be any major problems. The van itself is in good condition. I did intend to get some decent drone footage but was rained off on my first outing !

I will update this with pictures and videos if I actually got any worthwhile footage at a later date. It would have been good to get some footage of the van before work started but I really need to get going whilst the weather is OK. I’m pretty sure everybody has seen a white transit before too. At this stage it is really nothing out of the ordinary.

In Summary…

This is going to be an ongoing project. Nothing at this stage is set in stone and there may be a few diversions to the plan. Follow my journey on YouTube and Instagram for latest updates.

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