Best Boxer Shorts for Cycling and Mountain Biking

Grizzly Wears Boxer Shorts have been developed to reduce friction and give maximum comfort. They truly are the best boxer shorts for cycling. When used as a layer between your shorts/padding and skin they are so comfortable and smooth you will forget you’re even wearing them !

Zero Friction by Nature

Firstly, because Grizzly Wears Boxers are made from super smooth bamboo, they naturally reduce chafing. This incredible fabric is softer than silk whilst remaining incredibly strong. Bamboo is a fantastic natural fabric with many inherent qualities that make it perfect for this application.

Importantly, bamboo is breathable but a great thermal regulator. It stays warm when the weather is cold and cools when the weather is hot. This makes our boxers fantastic for all seasons. As there is current ongoing arguments about how much of the antibacterial qualities of the plant remain when it is turned into a fabric we would not claim any antibacterial properties. However the fibres do not retain odour like polyester can. This makes bamboo products easy to wash at low temperatures. They also resist picking up odours and are ideal for longer adventures where you may not get chance to change every day.

Lastly, bamboo fabric resists stretching. I’m sure you have got to the end of the day, taken off your boxers and found the fabric has stretched to a larger size. Bamboo retains its shape and support all day long.

Engineered to Perfection

In addition to the fantastic features of bamboo, these boxer shorts have flat seams everywhere. Having flat seams removes usual points which can cause areas of discomfort, especially when you are working hard and sweating. Furthermore, by carefully placing seams in the right locations we have removed the risk of the legs riding up and causing issues. The last thing you want to happen when you start riding is to find your underwear is uncomfortable shortly into a ride. This can definitely make a good ride less enjoyable. And I’m sure you’ll know once the issues start they only get worse !

Ultimate Quality

Every pair of Grizzly Wears is made to the highest standards. When designing these boxers, every aspect was considered for all day comfort and no expense spared. The craftsmanship really is top level and they are built to last. Choose a pair of these boxers if you want guaranteed comfort. You don’t have to wear them exclusively for cycling. Capable of performing well for every activity and daily life these can be your new default boxers to use all the time. Once you grab a pair of Grizzlies, you’ll never want to go back !

Best Boxer Shorts for Cycling

Grab a pair of the Best Boxer Shorts for Cycling

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