OnePlus 10 Pro Long Term Review

Instead of updating my initial review of the OnePlus 10 Pro, I will create a OnePlus 10 Pro Long Term Review. This is just to highlight a few reasons why I like the phone and what I have been using it for. Also a few accessories that I use or are on my list to get. I will make this more of a timeline. Partly because it will be interesting to see if my opinion changes over time. Check out my initial review for the first thoughts and unboxing. Disappointed to see the 12gb model only came in diarrhoea green, I chose the 8gb sexy black. It would have been fantastic to see the rumoured blue at launch too.

A quick timelapse taken on my OnePlus 10 Pro

22/04/2022 – After 2 weeks…

I still stand by everything I said on the first day. This phone has great battery life, I use it heavily and often have 75% or more battery left when going to bed. Strava tends to use battery a lot but this is more about the app than the phone. I like the camera and have some good photos. A JOBY GorillaPod has been my first accessory. I find that I want to use this phone for time lapse videos, maybe even night lapse. I have made one quick video as I haven’t had time to do more but hoping over the next few days I will get chance. Initially I had no intention of using the phone for this but now I want to see how well it does. Can it rival my GoPro Hero 9 ?

Being someone who doesn’t particularly look after phones I need something tough. The OnePlus 10 Pro does well here, after 2 weeks of being handled with dirty hands, dropped once or twice, shoved in bags and pockets there are no visible marks. The case is also clean, mark free and doing well. The screen is remarkably resistant to what I rub on it (so far wood glue, paint and filler, various food too). The fingerprint reader struggles when you dye your fingers black. Not entirely unexpected.

At this time I am not disappointed with anything. Everything works well. It is not wearing or damaging easily. The phone does everything I require well.

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