Black Bear Grease – Single Bar Adventure Soap

Black Bear Grease has been specially formulated to work well at all jobs you may need it to perform on any adventure. A true Single Bar Adventure Soap !

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Black Bear Grease Natural Single Bar Adventure Soap
Black Bear Grease Natural Soap

Naturally Great Ingredients

Black Bear Grease contains only natural Ingredients, It contains no Phenoxyethanol , SLS, SLES or MPG and uses an Aloe Vera base. Although it has not been tested on animals it should be safe to wash your dog with as long as they are not sensitive to Tea Tree Oil *(See FAQ’s). In addition we add activated charcoal as it has great cleaning power and is an antioxidant.

Aloe Vera

An excellent natural base for soap and well known for its cleansing and soothing properties. Rich in polysaccharides that trap moisture in your skin cells and lock in the moistness for a long time. Soap base aloe vera ensures that your skin does not suffer from dehydration and prevents dryness as well. Used in skincare products for over 5000 years, aloe vera is a well established super plant.

Furthermore aloe vera promotes the production of elastin fibers and collagen in your skin cells. It also fights wrinkles, fine lines, and other aging signs effectively. As a result, your skin remains soft, supple, youthful, and beautiful.

Our natural Aloe Vera soap strengthens your hair roots. It also repairs the hair follicles that are damaged due to environmental pollution and aging. Moreover, it may also induce hair growth and it is also suitable for oily hair as Aloe Vera Soap Base cleanses excess oil and dirt from your hair effectively.

People who suffer from sunburns, itching, rashes, and skin redness can use the soaps made from Aloe Vera soap base. The soothing effect of Aloe Vera reduces all types of itching and inflammation and provides quick relief. The cooling sensation created by it can also be used to reduce tanning and it can also be used to heal sensitive and dry skin.

Activated Charcoal

Scientifically proven to remove toxins from the body, Activated Charcoal is quickly becoming popular in the cosmetics industry. Absolutely a different thing to what you would use on your barbecue, cosmetic grade activated charcoal contains no toxic substances which your body can’t tolerate. It is created at higher temperatures and exposed to steam or hot air to make the surface more porous and absorbent.

With an ability to absorb as much as 1000 times its own weight, Charcoal is fantastic at removing toxins from the skin. Furthermore it can be used to purify water and as an emergency treatment for poisoning. Only a tiny amount is required to be an effective cleanser. Critically, Charcoal soap can help remove unnecessary oils and dirt from the skin to leave you with a smoother complexion. It is effective on the face, body and hair

Acne and pimples can be effectively treated with activated charcoal as it helps to deep clean pores and reduce their size over time. Unlike some acne treatments, charcoal can be much gentler and more soothing on the skin. In addition, charcoal can prevent skin infections with its antimicrobial properties. Furthermore charcoal has been used in the effective treatment of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and reduce inflammation.

Due to its slightly gritty texture it is a mild exfoliant and very effective at removing dead skin cells. If all of this isn’t enough, charcoal has been known to reduce the effects of ageing. It can tighten your skin and help to prevent wrinkles and fine lines from forming.

Tea Tree Oil

Last but not least, Tea Tree Oil. Another great natural ingredient which has been used in skincare for a long time.

With insect repellent properties I thought this was the final missing key ingredient of a true adventurists soap. This final key ingredient makes Black Bear Grease a fantastic all rounder. It cleans everything, it heals the skin and it keeps away insects. Tea tree further adds to the hair cleaning benefits as it remove dandruff and itchiness.

Tea tree can help to soothe skin, by reducing itching, swelling and irritation. With anti inflammatory properties it is also great for combating acne and other skin conditions. It can also help in reduction of scarring and redness. As a powerful antimicrobial agent, tea tree oil helps to kill off bacteria, viruses and fungi. Being an antiseptic it is also good at treating cuts and bruises which you will definitely pick up if you are having proper adventures. Effective relief of ringworm, athletes foot, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis have also been credited to tea tree oil.

This rounds up our list of ingredients and as you can see (if you have read this far), Black Bear Grease has many great properties for daily use or as a single bar adventure soap.


Can I use this on my Dog ?

This particular ingredient is highly toxic to dogs but the amount used in Black Bear Grease is well under the threshold considered dangerous in normal circumstances. Given the varying degree of sensitivity to Tea Tree Oil in dogs we can not be held responsible for any reactions and advise immediate vet treatment if any adverse reactions do occur. I would strongly advise using with caution and doing your own research before applying this to your dog or any other pet.

Can I put this up my bum ?

Often puzzled by the statement “for external use only” and wondering who this is for, I thought I’d better reiterate. No, don’t put it up your bum or eat it. It is not for cleaning inside your eye holes, ear holes, nose holes. You have been warned !

Are natural products safe ?

Natural products are generally safer but if you are allergic to any of the ingredients or have an adverse reaction we would recommend not using this product and consulting a medical professional. There are many unsafe natural products. Whilst I do my best to formulate these soaps to be safe there is always a slight risk. I use these soaps regularly and have never had any problems. Many people have tested them and none have had issues. If you are sensitive to any of the ingredients please avoid them.

Is the packaging environmentally friendly too ?

All of my soaps are packaged in food grade paper bags with recycled paper labels. Zero plastic used here and as with all other products our compostable plastic shipping bags with a bioenzyme to break them down faster are used.

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