Grizzly Coin

Congratulations you have found a Grizzly Coin !

If you have found this page, you have more than likely found a Grizzly Coin in its native habitat. These are pretty rare and only released in small numbers at a time. If you would like to play the game then please continue reading. If you don’t want to play, this is fine too but please put the Grizzly Coin back to brighten another persons day.

The Grizzly Coin will bring you luck on your next adventure, check in with the coin when you go somewhere exciting. At the end of your journey pass the coin to another adventurer !

A Grizzly Coin !

Where does a Grizzly Coin come from ?

I make an undisclosed quantity and either send them out randomly with purchases or release them into the wild myself. For each coin I release, I remove 1 piece of litter from the countryside. A Grizzly Coin could have been placed in a geocache, it could be dropped somewhere or it could be put somewhere obvious. Anywhere really !

There isn’t a set way of tracking these coins apart from tagging it on social media (currently Instagram/Twitter), if your coin has a number please include this in your post. Please tag me in your post, I am @grizzlywears on Instagram and Twitter. I look for these under #grizzlycoin and #grizzlywears. I like Instagram best !

This is really just a big game to see how far and wide these coins will travel when passed from one person to the next. Please play along by checking in if you have found a Grizzly Coin. If you don’t wish to play, please leave it for someone else. It is fine if you don’t want to tag on Social, just place it somewhere for another person to find.

Do I win anything ?

Grizzly Coins are intended to be found, tagged and returned at a rate that would bankrupt me if I gave out a prize every time one turns up. However, if you embrace the game, give a really cool photo, there may be rewards. Keeping the coin so nobody else can find it is not part of the game though. If you were the last person to find a certain coin and it no longer appears again you will be disqualified from any potential prizes !

It is simple. Firstly find a coin. Secondly tag it on Social Media. Lastly put it somewhere for someone else to play.

Unleash your creativity when it comes to photos. Nothing too NSFW though, children may be playing this game too.

Are you tracking me ?

No. We do not track people who interact with the coins, this is just a big game. It’s pretty much a copy of geocaching which you should definitely check out if you haven’t already. OK, It is geocaching with my own semi-trackables !

The coin is just solid plastic too, there are no smart tracking devices inside !

I’m in, What do I do with this Grizzly Coin ?

  • Firstly take a photo featuring the coin (and yourself if you want !)
  • Post it on Instagram or Twitter, remember to tag @grizzlywears and #grizzlycoin. And anything else you feel like.
  • If there is an ID number you can use this as a hashtag too. e.g. #XX00123
  • A location would be good so I have an Idea where they have been.
  • Take the Grizzly Coin to another location.
  • Give it to another person, put it in another geocache, leave it somewhere else.
  • If you want to remove a piece of litter when the coin is placed this is up to you. It does Help.
  • Follow #grizzlycoin on Instagram or Twitter if you want to see where they’re going.
  • Lastly buy some clothes from my shop and help me make more games like this if you love it !

Your Instagram Description ideally needs to contain something like “I found @grizzlywears #grizzlycoin #XX00123 on Helvellyn” It’s up to you whether you make the post where you find it, where you leave it or anywhere in the middle. You can even take it on a journey and tag it in a few places !

How far do the Coins travel ?

I have no Idea how far they may or may not go. If one could get to the top of Everest that would be fantastic !

You can take them abroad and leave them on holiday, you can leave them closer to home, it’s up to you, the aim is to pass it on to somewhere new as fast as you can and keep it moving through the chain. See how many times the same coin can be found in a day/week/month/year. If you can take one to another country and give it chance to see the world this is amazing. Thank you.

How many Grizzly Coins are there ?

This is a secret. The ID number on the coins is not related to the order they were made and the highest number is probably not the total made. I have a record of each coin that could be published later. Meanwhile this will remain a mystery. From time to time more will start showing up as some disappear.

Are all the coins the same ?

No. There are different styles, colours, shapes, sizes. I make them in batches and each batch will vary. Whole batches will not necessarily appear all at once. It’s unlikely two will turn up in the same place too.

Is a Grizzly Coin worth anything ?

A Grizzly Coin holds no monetary value. Can not be exchanged for anything in the shop. Not be sold on eBay. It is a game piece like monopoly money. It is also not some crossover of bitcoin and physical currency.

Value held by a Grizzly Coin is proportionate to the distance it has travelled and interest it has sparked. If finding a coin brightens up somebodies day then its purpose is complete. If a coin has helped to reduce litter then this adds to its worth infinitely.

Should you be depositing plastic places ?

Grizzly Coins are made from a naturally sourced non-toxic plastic which biodegradable ! In the event a coin is lost to the wild it will break down over time safely. The Environment is at the heart of Grizzly Wears and we do not wish to harm it. Take a look through my products and the rest of my website to see what I am doing.

If you want to read more about the plastics we use here is a good article

The boring bits and guidelines

Every effort is made to reduce harm to the Environment. Please play this game with a little common sense. This includes but not limited to:

  • Do not discard coins somewhere they will never be found.
  • If placing outside of a geocache they should be discrete but easy to find for the observant.
  • Do not place in fields with grazing Animals.
  • Avoid places they could harm Animals and Wildlife.
  • Consider other players.
  • Do not put them in places likely to cause injury to someone retrieving them.
  • Be careful, be considerate, have fun.
  • Make the game enjoyable for others too.
  • The coins are not plastic waste, they are made from left over plastic and are game pieces.
  • If you want to help offset waste, remove a piece of litter when the coin is left.
  • No stalking or pestering other players for their coins.
  • This isn’t like pokemon, catching them all won’t get you ahead.
  • Grizzly Coin is a game of chance, you find, you play, you pass on the chance for someone else.

If I perceive the game to start having negative impact it will be stopped and no more coins released. The intent is to increase awareness of your surrounding area and the outdoors. To get people outdoors and engage.

Thank you for reading and playing.

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