Zero Waste T-Shirts

Sadly in this day and age, a claim of “Zero Waste T-Shirts” is very bold and usually not entirely true. When it comes to the Grizzly Wears Recycled Range, they actually divert waste.

Each of our T-Shirts contains an average of 8 plastic waste bottles. The exact number varies on size but 8 is roughly correct. This means, for each tee sold, waste is diverted away from landfill and reused. Furthermore, as everything in our recycled range is 100% polyester, it can be recycled again !

Why Recycled Polyester ?

Recycled Polyester is a great tool in the battle for climate change. A large portion of clothing uses polyester. By recycling rather than creating new we save energy, reduce landfill waste and contribute to a circular economy. As I have mentioned in many other posts on my blog, polyester has unmatched properties. These characteristics make polyester great for sportswear. It is breathable, dries quickly, easy to wash and soft on the skin. Having these properties are what has led to the large market demand and growth of this fabric.

Polyester is not degradable, biodgradable or compostable. To reuse existing polyester instead of new helps to reduce landfill waste. By only using 100% recycled polyester we ensure that our products can be recycled in the future. Although technology to recycle blended fabrics exists, it is not easy to access. This is the reason we avoid blends like polycotton. Furthermore, as we move forwards as a business, work is being carried out to provide a service where we take used clothing and have it recycled for you. This is something I would like to encourage people to do and would like to offer discounts in exchange for used items. Looking further ahead, it would be good if we can take in other brands of clothing for recycling but the problem is that we could just end up with a large amount of waste we need to pay to send to landfill.

Is this really Zero Waste ?

Absolutely. And even better it is waste reducing. Firstly, they are made from otherwise waste material, post-consumer or industrial waste. Secondly, any offcuts are fed back into the start of the cycle. Lastly, when a product has reached the end of its usable life, we will ensure it is recycled again. By contributing and making products in a circular economy, we push this method forwards. By producing items from recycled polyester we create more demand for it.

Finally, if you haven’t already, take a look at some of the sustainable clothing in my store, and follow me on Instagram for latest news and updates !

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