Bear Grease Natural Soap


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Bear Grease Natural Soap

Bear Grease was created to be an eco friendly, natural soap. From the ingredients right down to the packaging there is zero waste. In addition we use only pure cosmetic grade ingredients to ensure it is safe for daily use. Bear Grease is cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Each flavour has been formulated to provide a slightly different experience.

Pricing offers and discounts apply to all products in the soap category so you can mix & match across the ranges.


The original deep clean adventurers soap. Great single bar solution for long trips to wild places, washes hair and body.

With Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil and characteristic Activated Charcoal this soap is a great all rounder. Firstly having an Aloe Vera base means this soap is soothing, moisturising, healing and antiseptic. Aloe Vera can also protect against UV rays and keep skin more youthful. In addition the Tea Tree Oil provides antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties as well as being a natural insect repellent. Finally the Activated Charcoal gives deep cleaning properties and is an antioxidant. It also removes excess oil, absorbs pollutants and deep seated debris to effectively detox the skin.


Blue Bear Grease has been designed to relax and re-energise. Use after a tiring day to recover and prepare for more.

Being based on Shea Butter, Blue Bear Grease is moisturising and helps to soften and heal the skin. Poppy seeds help to exfoliate and gently cleanse whilst Lemon and Sandalwood essential oils help you to relax. Sandalwood is known for its calming properties and helps sleep whilst aiding with positive thinking and a clear mind. In addition, Lemon oil is known to combat harmful bacteria and infections, clear skin, reduce inflammation and also help you to relax and fight exhaustion and depression. Grab a bar of Blue whenever you feel like life is getting on top of you.


The partly unnatural flavour (because candyfloss doesn’t occur naturally). It’s bright pink and it smells good enough to eat.

Made with a Shea Butter base for great moisturising properties. Also contains Vanilla essential oil and Candyfloss fragrance oil to give a smell like a sweet shop. Shea Butter has many great properties: Natural UV protection; Helps reduce scars; Soothes burns; Reduces wrinkles; Contains vitamins A & E. Vanilla scent is known to increase mood and reduce depression. Furthermore when you add Candyfloss to the mix you definitely end up with a happy smell. Probably not quite the benefits as other soaps in the Bear Grease range but we love the smell of it.


After a hard work out, relieve muscle pain and fatigue with Sun Bear Grease. Made with only essential oils known for their healing properties.

Argan Oil is the base for this soap. Used for many years to relieve muscle and joint pain and help reduce effects of eczema, acne, psoriasis and other problems. Argan oil is known to make skin more flexible, strengthen nails, nourish hair and relieve sunburn. On top of this we add Eucalyptus, Lavender and Black Pepper. All known for their properties to relax and relieve muscle pain. Eucalyptus oil has many benefits, however I selected it for being a natural antibacterial cleanser and being an anti inflammatory and pain reliever mainly. The second ingredient is Lavender oil, known its relaxing, anti inflammatory, healing, and pain relief characteristics. Finally, Black Pepper adds more pain relief, reduces cramps, relieves arthritis and many other benefits such as aiding digestion although I don’t recommend eating soap !


All of the soaps will soon be moving over to Grizzly Bars

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