Can Bike Cleaner Clean Shoes ?

Riding mountain bike in the UK often means you will get plastered in mud for at least 11 months of the year. It isn’t good to put your bike shoes in the washing machine constantly. What are the consequences of giving them a heavy dose of bike cleaner and a quick rinse ? Can Bike Cleaner Clean Shoes ?

For the purpose of this test I used my favourite bike cleaner. Peaty’s Loam Foam. Not only is this stuff great because it’s super effective and reduces bike cleaning effort. It is also eco friendly. The spray bottle is a great design. You can pick up a cheap concentrate refill to keep topping it up too. I’ve tried a few other bike cleaners but because of all the boxes this one ticks, it is my current favourite.

Peaty’s Loam Foam – Matches my Bike !

After a quick rinse with the hose pipe followed by a quick covering with loam foam to get the stubborn dirt. I like to leave the foam to dwell for a while. Finally followed by a good blast with the hose to remove the remainder.

Getting my shoes dirty.

Firstly I had a good ride, got my shoes loaded up with mud. As per usual. I strongly believe with mountain biking that if you don’t come home covered, you aren’t doing it right.

Can Bike Cleaner Clean Shoes - my muddy shoes !
Shoes prepared for cleaning

The Wash Cycle

Secondly, I gave my shoes a good coating of Peaty’s finest product. Then I gave it a few minutes to do its thing, soak in, loosen that mud.

Can Bike Cleaner Clean Shoes - Foaming Action
Foaming Action

The Revealing Rinse

Finally, I turned the hose back on my shoes and gave them a good rinsing to wash away that biodegradable foam and the mud with it. Look at that effortless finish. Saved water, detergent and the washing machine by throwing my shoes in it.

Can Bike Cleaner Clean Shoes - Amazingly well it turns out !
Good as new !

I won’t lie, cleaning my bike shoes is probably the last thing on my mind after every ride. They quite often get left plastered because its only going to happen again. However, this is probably the cleanest they have been since new and it took me 2 minutes whilst cleaning the bike anyway.

So Can Bike Cleaner Clean Bike Shoes ?

100% Yes. Is it a good Idea and will it damage your shoes ? I’ve no idea. I could probably do with a new pair anyway as these have had years of use. I wonder what else I can clean with this miracle stuff. Next time I will try doing the laundry with it !

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