Benefits of a Morning Run

I don’t always leap out of bed at 5am with enthusiasm. Definitely not always enthusiasm for running. However, sometimes when I wake at an unsociable hour, I like to get hydrated and cash in on the benefits of a morning run !

A timelapse of the sun rising from one of my early awakenings !

Are you a morning person ?

Confidently, I can declare, I am not a morning person. Furthermore I’m probably not an evening/night person either. My peak arrives in the middle of the day I would say. If you are a morning person you should absolutely have no trouble running early on a morning. Those who are inclined not to love mornings similar to myself, will probably gain even more benefits from a morning run !

Battling with my busy schedule to find time to run mid day often means I miss runs. With all the best intentions it can be too easy to play the “too tired” card on an evening and miss out again. This is where dragging myself out of bed, going straight for a drink, then a run comes in to play. It does not matter how far, how fast, how long. The aim is to have achieved something before breakfast. Furthermore, these are the days where I find I can accomplish most.

Common sense would indicate a morning run will make you tired, however this is absolutely not the case. Consequently, running on a morning gives you a boost into the day. I always feel more energised after a run than before.

What are the benefits ?

Most importantly, the benefits of a morning run, to me are:

  • Firstly, an achievement before breakfast. Already 1 step ahead and nobody can take that away !
  • Waking up much more quickly.
  • Feeling ready to take on the world.
  • Increased energy levels to start the day.
  • Already burned some calories.
  • The paths/trails are all yours. Nobody else is in your way.
  • It’s cooler in summer
  • Improved mental health (According to NIMH)
  • Better sleep quality.
  • Helps to manage blood pressure.
  • Reduced stress

Firstly, we all get frustrated at times on a weekend when everybody else is using our paths. You’re going for that PR on Strava and a group of people is in your way. Maybe next week. At 6am they are definitely still in bed. Secondly, in summer its hard to run in the heat of the day however if you’re up before the sun gets hot it is refreshing.

Additionally, starting the day by putting yourself first is great for your mental health. Coupled with lowering blood pressure this is a great thing to do for your own wellbeing. Prioritising yourself and starting the day in a positive way can put you on your A game for the rest of the day. In essence you have already achieved something positive and you’re one step ahead. Follow on with a relaxing walk in your lunch break and keep the momentum going.

An even greater benefit if you run through scenic places is seeing amazing sunrises. Take a camera or your phone and get an awesome picture that most people haven’t got motivated enough to witness.

To conclude why I run on a morning

I run on a morning because it helps me start the day. The likelihood of something preventing my run is lessened. Before breakfast I have burned calories, improved my mental state, already achieved.

My run has happened. It was relaxing, quiet and focused.

I don’t usually run with headphones in as I like to find space for my thoughts. However the world is quieter early on a morning and I find more focus. Essentially there is less happening in my head because less has happened today.

If you love a mindful run on a morning, make a statement and do it in one of my Yoga Bear t-shirts !

I hope you found this insightful and motivational. Get up early and get out running !