What are the best Running Clothes ?

Have you ever wondered what the best Running Clothes ?

There are a number of key points when selecting the optimal clothing for running. These include performance, comfort, breathability, drying time and a few others. Briefly I will try to cover as many of these points as I can and give my point of view as a clothing designer.

Firstly, I will be upfront and honest – I am not a good runner. I run slowly, cross country and get enjoyment from doing it but an athlete I am not.


Firstly, performance comes down to the properties of the fabric. Developing products for Grizzly Wears Clothing has given me opportunity to test many different fabrics. Some fabrics work better in different environments, different temperatures. All fabrics are not created equal. Although I like to use natural fabrics as much as possible, there does not tend to be a natural fabric that ticks all the boxes when it comes to running. Polyester is great in this application and the good news is it can be 100% recycled.

Polyester is fast drying, wicking, breathable. It is the go to fabric for most sportswear for a reason. By using recycled polyester over virgin polyester it is also sustainable. All Grizzly Wears polyester products are made from 100% recycled polyester. The main advantage is that it can be recycled again. When polyester is blended with other fabrics it can not be recycled.

Overall performance can also be measured on some of the other key attributes I’m covering. Running is an activity that demands a high overall level of performance from the clothing you are wearing.


The most important factor. If clothing intended for running is not comfortable then it is no good. While the cut of the clothing can affect comfort, this again comes down to the fabric. softer, smoother fabrics are much better for running as they move with your body and glide over your skin. As a rule of thumb you should not be conscious of what you are wearing to run in, it should feel natural and unrestrictive. Providing a level of freedom !

When comfort fails, so does your pace and stamina. There is nothing more demoralising and distracting than a piece of clothing causing irritation. Especially shoes, the best thing you can do is find a good local running shop who know what they’re doing and get the most comfortable pair of shoes fitted. I thoroughly recommend On Running for shoes. Personally I find them very comfortable but remember I put my feet inside them, not yours. You need to find the shoe which is best for your own feet.

Socks do play a part but not as critical, your socks should allow movement (but not too much) of your feet inside your shoes without causing blisters. I like to run in shorts but haven’t really found they play a huge part. Definitely not as important as your underwear. Grizzly Wears Boxer shorts are perfect for me when running, they don’t ride up, they don’t chafe. Check out my Boxer Shorts

Lastly is the top. This does seem to play a huge part in maintaining your core temperature. Remember you don’t want to be too hot or too cold. You need to find the goldilocks zone when layering and selecting long sleeves or short sleeves. The top you are wearing should enhance your bodies own ability to heat or cool.


Breathability is how much air can get to your skin. You would not want to run in something like a bin bag because it would become very sweaty, very quickly. This will ultimately impact your level of comfort. 

Bamboo is a great fabric against the skin as it is so soft and smooth. The downside is that its not fast to dry. However it stays warmer when wet like wool. Cotton also tends to get cold quickly when wet.

Known in the industry as “Moisture vapour transmission” this is a very important characteristic of running clothing. When it comes to T-Shirts there is one clear winner of all the fabrics and that is Polyester. In terms of breathability it wicks and dries at a fantastic rate. Competing with this engineered fabric using only natural materials is a tough challenge. Although we strive to use renewable sourced fabrics in our clothing, we have not found the right balance to compete yet. By using 100% recycled polyester we reduce the environmental impact, have an infinitely recyclable product and also reduce energy usage. 

For these reasons Grizzly Wears Clothing’s range of running gear currently uses 100% recycled polyester. This allows us to match the performance of most clothing but produce a product that is sustainable and does reduce environmental impact.

So, What are the best Running Clothes ?

The best running clothes are the ones which you feel comfortable and free. Breathability, Comfort and overall Performance play a huge role in best sportswear. We fully understand performance is the key player when it comes to running gear and will be investing time and money into researching alternative fabrics to launch new ranges. Having a focus on balanced environmental impact mean recycled polyester will remain in our range for years to come.

To summarise, the aim of the clothing is to maintain the correct temperature. Be light, breathable and comfortable.

Lastly running clothing should be durable and last as long as possible. Good quality clothing, kept for longer is a big part of sustainability. Running clothing should last for many runs and not be a disposable item.

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