The National Running Show 2022

I may have mentioned once or twice that Grizzly Wears will be at the National Running Show South. As a small business and a fresh start up this is a big challenge and a big deal !

For those of you who have not booked your tickets yet, head over to and use the code GRIZZLYWEARS at checkout to get your tickets free of charge. It would be great to see you there so come over, say hello, buy some of our awesome sustainable clothing and support me. Help me make the most of this show and lets have a great couple of days. I will be there all weekend, right by the main stage.

On with the Show

When I booked the stand at the show, I definitely was not ready or prepared. As I write this there are only 64 days left before showtime. The last few weeks have been extremely busy. But I am on track. Being a fresh start up working on a new range of sustainable running clothing there was nothing in stock. There still isn’t on my website. On the plus side, the men’s t-shirts are being made as we speak. Boxer shorts are being made and will arrive on time. Women’s t-shirts, vests, and a couple other items have a slot booked in and will be here. I’m not entirely sure how I pulled this one off but now I have headroom and can relax a little.

Furthermore, as a business that has nothing this is a big challenge, I need transport, hotels, helpers and all important stock. There is no experienced events planner here leading me to believe there will be a lot of lessons to take from this show. Either way I intend on making the best of it and hopefully doing a few more !

What will Grizzly Wears have at the Show ?

Grizzly Wears Clothing will have:

  • Men’s Boxer Shorts !
  • Men’s and Women’s running tees
  • Women’s racerback vests
  • Women’s crop t-shirts and hoodies
  • Some cotton t-shirts

This is what I hope to definitely have available. I will try and think of some exciting competitions that don’t get me into trouble too. The last part of that sentence is the bit I am struggling with.


7th March

Getting closer and closer, time is ticking away now. But definitely on track, Men’s products to be printed soon. Women’s are due to be ordered this week. I should definitely put some effort into making the show stand !

15th March

Waiting for first batch of clothing ready for the show, this will go live, test stuff has been sent to testers & ambassadors. still have that to-do list to blow through. Yesterday was busy busy. Today, I’m getting hydrated and going for a quick morning run to gain that productivity boost.

Women’s stuff all here and in preparation.

4th April

So… I completely lost track of time and forgot to update this weekly !

It has certainly been a busy few weeks. We have our men’s recycled running tees available, women’s is in progress. Boxers are in transit. I have loads of freebies and promo items ready for the show. It seems like times is getting tight but I am definitely on track. Most things are all in place and ready. I definitely need to make a stand though !

18th April

With less than 3 weeks to go I feel I am nearly there now. Everything is ordered and/or in transit. The show must go on !

Somehow I feel like I have pulled back a little time and can relax a little. I definitely need to take a few more photos of items and get them put on the shop. Hopefully I can get round to this week. Currently I am waiting on other people getting things here on time so most things are out of my hands and I just need to remain positive. I’ll do this by running and riding in the nice weather.

27th April

Into the last 2 weeks before the show, 1 week before we need to start packing and getting ready to head down… I am very nearly ready, pulled everything I can think of together. Few final touches to things and some sorting to do but we should be ready to arrive and give 100% on the day. Fingers crossed nothing goes wrong, I definitely need to get organised and get the counters finished. This was well underway at the weekend but I found some ducklings and had to rescue them so got a little behind. I’ll make the time up this week, get back on track and maybe even have some time to sleep.

30th April

One week today… I really need to get on with finishing everything off, thankfully the weather is sunny so I can get out and do some painting. All there is to do then is label everything, organise where it goes and load into van accordingly. I haven’t injured myself running or on the bike so just need to not do that now. I am totally on track for once. Hopefully no more wildlife in need of help turns up today. I believe everything is in hand and we will get to this show with everything in order and kindof planned for.

If you see me at the Running Show, come and say hello. Hoping it will turn out to be a great weekend and although it wouldn’t be the worst thing to be rushed off my feet the whole time, it would be nice to see some more of the show. Later this week I will remove all stock from the website, If you wish to order anything online, now is probably the time.

If you can’t make it to the show, here are the latest products which are available to buy in my online shop now:

I will definitely add to this blog as the countdown to the show gets closer. And finally, there will be some awesome guides to running for you to read in the run up !

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