New Items for March 2022

Having so many new lines coming, out for testing, in development I thought it would be good to drop them all in one place. This is about Grizzly Wears new items for March.

With the countdown to the National Running Show getting close, all of my effort has been diverted towards this. April’s update may be very similar !

Running Gear

When the opportunity came up to launch at the Running Show I took it. New items were already being tested and in the pipeline but this has given me a challenging deadline. As I write this the first batch of 100% recycled men’s tees is in production. Women’s will follow directly. Unfortunately I can’t provide all sizes and colours I ultimately want to due to lack of warehouse space so colours will be done on rotation and sizes will expand over time.

Following on from testing we don’t think Bamboo has the properties required to be used for running. This does not mean our efforts have been wasted. Following on from the tests with Bamboo fabrics we have decided it would make a much better base layer.

Mountain Bike Gear

Following on from the running tees quickly, will be a long sleeve 100% recycled polyester top. The cut may not be perfect for riding but it will be an affordable, sustainable, versatile piece of clothing. Being in early development there are no current deadlines or dates but this may be developed through summer and released for autumn/winter.

Boxer Shorts

Boxer’s arrive April with production expected to complete this month. Upon arrival they will immediately be added to the website. All of this first batch will be blue with sizes ranging from S to XL. After nearly 5 months in design, prototyping and testing I am nearly there !

New items for March

Stay tuned for April’s update. Intention was to update this post throughout the month. I’ve decided now to just leave it to reflect back on. I will use these monthly updates as a way of building up a timeline !

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