Why I want the OnePlus 10 Pro

The OnePlus 10 Pro (UK launch page here) has been highly anticipated by myself since rumours began earlier this year. It’s no secret that I haven’t had any interest or invested in a flagship phone since the Samsung Galaxy S5. This was 8 years ago. Half that time I used my S5 until it started to give up on life. I then made ends meet with 2nd hand or cheaper phones. However, I am interested in this. This is why I want the OnePlus 10 Pro…

Social Media

Since starting Grizzly Wears, social media has become a part of my life. I don’t always have my GoPro or my camera to hand but I do usually have my phone. The ability to take good photos at all times is what drives success on social platforms. In addition the photos can be published directly with a phone and I don’t need to do much else. Simpler is always better. If I can get good enough pictures on my phone, I can publish more content, more often and never miss a moment.

Importantly this improves quality of my content and frequency. Another great feature is the warp charging and huge battery. Having a phone that might last a day with little use makes me less likely to use it. Not from fear of being disconnected from the world but fear that something amazing may happen and my phone will be dead.

As someone who has gone from zero presence to maximum Instagram and YouTube, the right tool is important now. Essentially there was no reason for me to own a good phone but there is now. Rumour has it this phone was made for the content creators and I intend to take my content to the next level by using it.

Lets talk about that Camera…

The camera has multiple lenses, plenty of other people have gone into the technical detail. I won’t bother and don’t care either. Some of the photos I have seen have been good. My current phone was not made to be good at photos or have a good battery life. The OnePlus 10 Pro seems to have that wide angle fish eye type lens that I love the GoPro for. This gives my content a little more consistency. but you can also turn that off and just take photos through a normal spherical lens.

I would definitely be interested to see if any lens mods come along for this phone. However, If I go on a trip for a break and to create content whilst there, would I leave the GoPro’s at home ? Probably not. They do things well that a phone just can’t do at all. Also tying up your phone for 12 hours to take a time lapse video isn’t practical.

Either way the camera is the tipping point for me to invest in this phone.

Why I want the OnePlus 10 Pro
OnePlus 10 Pro example photo

What else is Important ?

Battery life. To have a phone that can last a day on one charge is a luxury I have gone without for a long time. My S5 could go several days in ultra power saving which made it great when spending days away from electricity. These days I either need a portable charger or I turn my phone off. Being cut off from the world for a while is not hard for me anyway. Battery life definitely drops in cold temperatures though so the more, the better.

Durability is a factor I like, I haven’t ever broken a phone. Not entirely sure how but my phones tend to get scrapes and dents without ever breaking glass or worse. Maybe I have been lucky, maybe I am careful. Either way it is nice to have a little durability for when accidents happen. Having had my hands on a few previous OnePlus models they seem well built and sturdy so hopefully this won’t be the first phone I break !

Performance. I am inpatient, don’t like phones that freeze, crash and are slow to use. I would rather go back to my Nokia 3210 because it did very little very well. Not packing a phone with bloatware and features I have no need for is why I like OnePlus. The operating system is clean and light. I like this.

So when is the UK release date for the OnePlus 10 Pro ?

Currently I have no idea. I have read rumours it will be this week (21st March 2022). Unfortunately this seems to be in an article made by one of this clickbait content creators. In other words, he made it up and I doubt it will happen. OnePlus have been quiet and not announced anything. Until you hear it from them it is probably best to ignore any dates from the “make stuff up” people on TikTok. Let’s just make good quality content instead !

Further Update…

OnePlus did not release the 10 pro on the 21st, 22nd or 23rd March. I’m not sure where the March release came from but people are definitely plucking random dates out of the air. There seems to be a prediction of every day in March being the release date. If this is the month it is being released, someone has a 1 in 31 chance of being right. There seems to be a trend of releasing new phones on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday so it may not appear until April 6th. Don’t hold your breath. Will the rumoured “extreme edition” be available at launch is what I wonder. This certainly is a closely guarded secret. Along with the yet unseen blue colour.

Final Update…

Following the (painful) launch event on 31st March I am in no rush to buy this phone now. Sadly the only colour available if you pre-order the 12gb version is “Disgusting Green”. I did however call the release date roughly which is 5th April so the day you would receive the OnePlus 10 Pro would be the 6th April if you can live with the green. I definitely can’t. Although the phone is a great price for the features packed into it, it is still a lot of money for something you hate the colour of !

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