Recycled Polyester Sportswear

The Grizzly Wears Recycled Polyester Sportswear range is a core part of our line up. Whilst we grow as a business, this range will grow with us. I see this range as an important part of our journey to a more sustainable future.

Grizzly Wears Clothing Recycled Polyester Sportswear

Why is Recycled Polyester so great ?

Firstly, this fabric is great. Each T-Shirt is made from about 8 plastic bottles worth of plastic waste meaning we prevent that waste going to landfill. Not only does it mean we have less requirements for virgin material to be produced from oil but we reduce landfill waste that takes a long time to break down. Both important points in the battle to save the planet.

And secondly, this is a great performing fabric for technical clothing. It breathes well, it is soft and smooth. It dries quickly. We sacrifice none of the performance we are used to as we gain so many benefits.

Polyester has become the dominant fabric of the sportswear industry. It is good for running, cycling, the gym, hiking, walking. You name an activity and there will be a polyester garment designed specifically for it. This is due to the particular balance of properties it provides. Along with an industry scaled to meet demands.

Is there no better, natural alternative ?

Few natural fabrics have the properties of polyester. There are a great number of natural fabrics being created. The issue we face is that they are costly, in short supply, hard to get hold of. Recycled polyester is more widely available. Although it isn’t the ultimate solution it is one step in the right direction.

The main advantage is that it doesn’t take up land, natural habitats or limited resources to produce. It is made entirely of a waste product. In addition it requires much less energy to produce. We should look ultimately towards natural solutions but use what we have in the mean time. We have a lot of plastic waste.

I hope that is Recycled Polyester Sportswear !
Exploring the natural world (Probably wearing Polyester)

What about when it reaches the end of it’s life ?

Because Grizzly Wears only uses 100% recycled polyester, it can be easily recycled again. When polyester is blended with another material, the process of recycling becomes harder. In addition there are limited places which can process this. By sticking to 100% polyester and nothing else, we have a product range that is recyclable again.

Currently, I am looking in to services to have this range recycled but do have the possibility of sending clothing to people in need. If you return this range of clothing to us in the future, it will be dealt with in the best way possible. We may even give you money off some new clothing for doing so.

Clothing wears out, fashion changes. Make new clothes from old ones. Check out my Shop to buy the latest items available and send them back once you’re finished.

Are there any downsides ?

I am yet to discover a fabric that has no downsides at all. Recycled Polyester is no exception and I see the biggest problem as being microplastics. this is a problem we all have to tackle by washing clothes less, for a shorter time and at a lower temperature. Filters are available for your washing machine from Planet Care. Scientists are working on identifying plants that can remove microplastics from our water. Even though this is not perfect, the advantages do outweigh the negative effects. Polyester is something we just have not found a natural replacement for yet.

Recycled Polyester Sportswear in Conclusion…

As polyester is an engineered fabric which performs like polyester, a natural replacement is not easy to find. For sportswear, most people will demand a level of performance. And also have a limited budget. Utilising recycled polyester lets us create high performance clothing and meet the performance and price requirements that you have come to rely on.

Choose 100% recycled polyester and take steps to a more sustainable future. This is one of our tools to fight climate change in the fashion industry and maybe one day we will tip the balance more in favour of recycling. One day we may create a closed loop eco system of infinitely recyclable polyester. Read about how its used in our Sustainable Bamboo Running Clothes

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